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The resources section contains all content that has been posted to date for this community of practice. Common resources might include best practices, replicable models, implementation plans, recorded webinars, videos, research documents, and data reports. Content is typically categorized in topic related folders.

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NASWA - ETA Webinar Collaborative Resources 1605N/A   
National Summit Materials - Baltimore 2502N/A   
Promising Practices 2022N/A   
Regional Reemployment Forums Materials 2267N/A   
Reports from Think Tanks 1064N/A   
Reports from Think Tanks 1027N/A   
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AARP Releases Report on Work Sharing 736249 12/03/12 04:19PM04/19/11 02:58PM
AARP Releases Report on Work Sharing 691148 06/07/11 11:35AM06/07/11 11:35AM
ACTE Apprenticeship Issue 642192 04/07/11 10:40AM04/07/11 10:40AM
ACTION BRIEF: Innovations in Labor Market Information 1360137 11/02/12 01:01PM11/02/12 01:01PM
Action Clinic Invitation: Effective On-The-Job Training Programs and Promising Practices Download Now 776550 12/09/10 07:15PM12/09/10 07:14PM
Advanced Manufacturing Career Pathways Initiative Releases Roadmap to Success 7100 04/10/12 04:41PM04/10/12 04:41PM
Aspen Institute's Workforce Strategies Initiative Hosts Construction Industry Webinar May 15 9560 05/11/12 04:18PM05/11/12 04:18PM
Can "Green Jobs" training ease reentry process? 16190 07/20/12 09:41AM07/20/12 09:41AM
CLASP Releases New Credential ROI Dashboard 5060 04/26/12 01:20PM04/26/12 01:20PM
College Completion Tool Kit 678181 04/07/11 10:31AM04/07/11 10:31AM
Coordinating Resources to Meet the Reemployment Challenge 1456190 11/19/12 04:25PM11/19/12 11:16AM
Creating Excellent Regional Strategies Webinar on May 17 8640 05/09/12 01:45PM05/09/12 01:45PM
Degrees for What Jobs? 664219 04/07/11 10:28AM04/07/11 10:28AM
Department of Commerce published new manufacturing tool ,“Access Costs Everywhere” (ACE) 1728234 05/01/13 10:59AM05/01/13 10:59AM
DOL Announces $12 Million Available for Veterans Job Training 10140 05/03/12 10:58AM05/03/12 10:58AM
DOL Establishes National Center to Help Employ People with Disabilities 15470 09/28/12 09:28AM09/28/12 09:28AM
DOL issues podcast guides to help individuals find and use labor market and workforce statistics. 2408362 09/15/15 01:33PM01/27/14 01:00PM
E-Learning Labor Market Information Fundamentals 1835348 04/01/13 12:22PM04/01/13 12:22PM
Elevate America Program Helps San Diego Veterans Secure IT Training and Certification 14980 05/16/12 11:03AM05/16/12 11:03AM
Enterprising States: Creating Jobs, Economic Development and Prosperity in Challenging Times Download Now 11361183 05/04/10 02:36PM05/04/10 02:36PM
Enterprising States: Creating Jobs, Economic Development and Prosperity in Challenging Times Download Now 1002775 05/04/10 02:44PM05/04/10 02:42PM
ETA Releases New Tools to Serve One-Stop Customers 9410 01/17/12 03:50PM01/17/12 03:50PM
ETA, OVAE, and ACF Issue Joint Letter of Support for Career Pathways 11550 04/13/12 04:08PM04/13/12 04:08PM
Finding Info on "What Works" in Employment, Training & Education Download Now 874296 09/15/15 05:25PM09/15/15 05:19PM
Flyer on the partnership between the Employment and Training Administration and the Institute of Museum and Library Services Download Now 2891829 04/21/11 03:10PM06/30/10 05:02PM
Frequently Asked Questions on Obligating ARRA RES Funds Download Now 1411946 06/18/10 03:49PM06/10/10 12:58PM
GAO releases new report, "Innovative Collaborations Between Workforce Boards and Employers" 6060 04/10/12 11:43AM04/10/12 11:43AM
GAO Study: Unemployment Insurance: Better Data Needed to Assess Reemployment Services to Claimants Download Now 1082673 02/04/10 03:21PM01/27/10 04:16PM
Geographic Mobility: Key Trends & Sources Download Now 752185 09/11/15 03:31PM09/10/15 07:28PM
Helping Criminal Ex-Offenders Download Now 858271 07/21/15 06:51PM07/21/15 05:35PM
IMLS and Gates Foundation Study "Opportunity for All: How the American Public Benefits from Internet Access at U.S. Public Libraries" Download Now 1243572 06/30/10 05:47PM06/30/10 05:47PM
Impact of Joblessness Download Now 992276 09/08/15 05:19PM09/04/15 03:26PM
Improving Postsecondary Attainment Among Adults 726205 06/03/11 11:58AM06/03/11 11:58AM
Institute of Museum and Library Services 21st Century Skills podcast -- August 11, 2010 801164 08/16/10 10:47AM08/16/10 10:47AM
Institute of Museum and Library Services 21st Century Skills podcast -- August 11, 2010 790167 08/16/10 10:48AM08/16/10 10:48AM
Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity: 1996-2010 619147 06/03/11 11:46AM06/03/11 11:46AM
Long-Term Care, Supports and Services Competency Model 474154 04/07/11 10:35AM04/07/11 10:35AM
Michigan WIB Helps Spur Economic Development 136611 06/05/12 11:48AM06/05/12 11:48AM
Missouri Strategic Initiative for Economic Growth Plan 599183 04/26/11 11:08AM04/26/11 11:08AM
Missouri Strategic Initiative for Economic Growth Plan 630147 06/15/11 09:58AM06/15/11 09:58AM
NAM Institute Roadmap for Education Reform for Manufacturing 533158 04/19/11 03:01PM04/19/11 03:01PM
NAM Institute Roadmap for Education Reform for Manufacturing 716160 06/07/11 11:40AM06/07/11 11:40AM
NASWA WEBINAR ON ARRA REEMPLOYMENT GRANTS 1310376 05/11/10 06:24PM05/11/10 06:24PM
Nation's Governors to Focus on Employing People with Disabilities 14960 07/16/12 12:56PM07/16/12 12:54PM
National Urban League Announces Jobs Build America Initiative 17430 02/27/13 04:18PM01/08/13 03:09PM
New Brief Examines Strategies to Support Workers with Disabilities 17650 07/26/12 09:38AM07/26/12 09:38AM
New Hampshire Web site Matches Manufacturers with Suppliers 630155 06/15/11 09:59AM06/15/11 09:59AM
New Hampshire Website Matches Manufacturers with Suppliers 569165 04/26/11 10:57AM04/26/11 10:57AM
New Jersey DOL Launches New Career Website 721191 04/19/11 02:30PM04/19/11 02:30PM
New Jersey DOL Launches New Career Website 607151 06/07/11 11:31AM06/07/11 11:31AM
New Jersey Launches Program to Help Long-term Unemployed 16490 05/10/12 11:50AM05/10/12 11:49AM
New Report Released on Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Programs 7390 04/19/12 12:35PM04/19/12 12:35PM
New York State Uses “Promising Practices” to Help Reemploy UI Claimants and Other Jobseekers Download Now 2005813 03/12/13 02:42PM03/12/13 02:37PM
New York State's Reemployment Services Download Now 13151373 06/16/10 04:29PM06/16/10 11:11AM
NEW! Career Pathways Toolkit Download Now 39301332 12/06/11 04:55PM12/06/11 04:54PM
NEW! Implementing Career Pathways PowerPoint Download Now 1015536 04/13/12 04:24PM04/13/12 04:24PM
NEW! Translating LMI into Service Delivery E-Learning Training Series 7660 04/10/12 01:26PM04/10/12 01:26PM
No End in Sight: The Agony of Prolonged Unemployment Download Now 1121723 05/04/10 01:56PM05/04/10 01:56PM
Nominate Your Local SBA Program during National Small Business Week 2012 7630 04/24/12 01:32PM04/24/12 01:32PM
Pay for Success Overview, Including New GAO Study Download Now 1001357 09/17/15 10:36AM09/14/15 01:34PM
Platform to Employment (P2E) Initiative 31210 02/27/13 05:22PM02/27/13 11:29AM
Putting Adult Learners on the Road to Success 12350 01/17/12 12:36PM12/13/11 01:54PM
Quick Reference on Allowable Uses of ARRA RES Funds Download Now 1318691 06/10/10 01:44PM06/10/10 01:44PM
Re-employment Bridge Institute Presents: Bridging Business and Workforce Development Conference 861176 04/01/11 09:54AM04/01/11 09:27AM
Reemployment Initiative Customizable Slide Presentation Download Now 23041457 04/16/09 12:30PM04/10/09 12:00PM
ReemploymentWorks! Community of Practice Download Now 17481276 05/12/09 12:28PM05/12/09 12:28PM
Reports from Think Tanks 879137 03/03/10 05:05PM03/03/10 05:05PM
Sector Skills Academy Looking for Workforce Leaders 8610 04/19/12 10:56AM04/19/12 10:56AM
Seneca Nation hosts successful job fair in NY 11130 05/21/12 11:15AM05/21/12 11:14AM
Skills to Pay the Bills Webinar Set for May 8 8950 05/02/12 01:55PM05/02/12 01:55PM
State awards $638,216 to train workers for 'green' jobs 11090 05/29/12 09:55AM05/29/12 09:55AM
State Sector Strategies Coming of Age 20050 02/27/13 04:15PM01/30/13 04:47PM
TEN 50-09: Encouraging Partnerships between the Workforce Investment System and Public Libraries Download Now 1137561 06/30/10 04:30PM06/29/10 06:19PM
Tennessee “Career Coaches” Mobile Services 578123 06/07/11 11:26AM06/07/11 11:26AM
Tennessee Career Coaches Download Now 687458 04/19/11 02:31PM04/19/11 02:26PM
Texas Strategies for the Reemployment of Unemployment Insurance Claimants
Submitted to Workforce3 One by Scott Eychner from the Texas Workforce Commission
494222 03/24/11 12:12PM03/24/11 12:12PM
The Joyce Foundation’s Transitional Jobs Reentry Demonstration 569188 04/07/11 10:38AM04/07/11 10:38AM
Tools You Can Use: DOL's Industry Competency Model Clearinghouse 22700 02/27/13 04:16PM02/19/13 03:02PM
UI and Workforce System Connectivity Project Update: Integrated Workforce Registration System 15150 02/27/13 04:18PM12/21/12 02:03PM
UI Modernization: Myths and Facts Download Now 1333682 03/19/10 11:35AM03/19/10 09:56AM
Unemployment Insurance and Workforce System Connectivity Workgroup Final Report 518303 03/23/11 03:04PM03/23/11 02:55PM
VIDEO! Opening Doors for Everyone - Improving Customer Service at One-Stop Career Centers 7388 04/17/12 02:48PM04/17/12 02:48PM
VIDEO! Program lets unemployed try out job and keep benefits 78310 04/20/12 01:36PM04/20/12 01:36PM
What Does It Mean to Be Career Ready? CRPC Proposes Definition in Brief Download Now 1406468 11/05/12 09:50AM11/05/12 09:50AM
Where Labor Supply Meets Labor Demand: Connecting Workforce Development to Economic Development in Local Labor Markets 1982312 05/30/13 04:28PM05/30/13 04:26PM
WIOA Job Centers & Service Areas, by State Download Now 1000292 11/30/15 06:01PM11/30/15 05:58PM
Workforce Systems Strategies - A New Approach to Technical Assistance 1359274 02/27/13 04:09PM12/03/12 04:10PM