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We recently posted several resources on the Worforce3One website related to a dynamic and effective action model, Strategic Doing, that builds on three principles that have helped our workforce system respond quickly and with vigor to the challenges the recession has brought us: Alignment, Linking, and Leveraging. While the system has long used these principles almost intuitively in service delivery, we haven’t always applied them strategically to solve, or even to anticipate and avoid, problems. Now we can. Strategic Doing is also a platform for moving quickly and collaboratively from innovative ideas to innovative actions in a simple, structured and – most important in our fast-moving world where even a few focused hours are a luxury – fast process that helps to solidify partnerships, define relationships, and create a “swarm” (to borrow a Strategic Doing term) of new ideas and solutions quickly. And with many states needing to decide- like now – how best to invest their expiring ARRA Reemployment Services (RES) and Wagner-Peyser dollars, there may be no better time to become familiar with this action-oriented decision making tool.

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06/10/10 10:17AM


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Service Mapping Training

Want to map workforce services available in your community so that you can figure out how best to align services across partners to meet customer needs? This Service Mapping Training was developed to support pilots in Oklahoma’s System Certification initiative that were beginning work on a unified local workforce development plan. Completion of the Service Mapping Matrix gives a local area a picture of services available for business or job seeker customers, equipping you with the information needed to determine how to eliminate duplications and close gaps. Materials include a PowerPoint presentation, sample agenda, Service Mapping Matrices for business and job seekers customers along with instructions, Agency Description Form, and Identifying Gaps and Duplications worksheets.

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New Day, New Way: Oklahoma Workforce System Certification Toolkit

Want to align services among various workforce programs to stretch limited funding and staff, improve customer service, and ensure that there are workers with the right skills that businesses need to grow and remain competitive? This Toolkit describes Oklahoma’s Workforce System Certification process – a Governor-backed initiative to encourage voluntary collaboration across partners to create a shared vision for local economic needs and strategies to meet them. It includes information on the purpose, background, framework, the 6 steps in System Building, standards and measures, the review process, a self-assessment tool, certification application, and lessons learned from 3 pilot areas.

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Idaho Digital Learning Academy

Idaho Digital Learning Academy is a state-sponsored, accredited, online school created to provide students with greater access to a wide variety of courses taught by highly qualified faculty.

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06/13/13 01:43PM


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