Enterprising States: Creating Jobs, Economic Development and Prosperity in Challenging Times

Posted by Mary Alice McCarthy - On May 04, 2010 (EST)

The National Chamber Foundation has partnered with the American Free Enterprise. Dream Big. campaign to spur
the creation of 20 million jobs in the next decade – restoring the 7 million jobs lost to the current recession, and
creating the 13 million new jobs that our growing nation will need in the next 10 years.

Each individual state will play a pivotal role in achieving this goal by creating the conditions for competition,
innovation, and productivity through a focus on education and training, science and technology and
infrastructure. Enterprise-friendly policies at the state level can facilitate local job growth by championing
entrepreneurship and mobilizing effective partnerships for improving the conditions for business and job growth.

Our study connects the success of free enterprise to our nation’s economy by correlating key policy inputs and best
practices in state-driven economic development with job creation and other substantive economic outputs. Brief
case studies of each state highlight policies and strategies that work. From the interviews we conducted for these
case studies, it is clear that the states are making job creation a high priority, and are implementing meaningful
changes in their approaches to job creation. While this varies by state, there is a renewed focus on creating more
favorable conditions for business growth.

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