New York State Uses “Promising Practices” to Help Reemploy UI Claimants and Other Jobseekers

Posted by Yung-Mei Haloski - On March 12, 2013 (EST)

(From the March 08, 2013 NASWA Bulletin)

NASWA/ITSC recently assisted USDOL in documenting “promising” state and local reemployment practices. The practices were identified by USDOL as part of its efforts to promote better connections between UI claimants and workforce services, as a follow-up to the development of a “national reemployment vision.”

Highlighted are several promising reemployment practices employed by the New York State Department of Labor. These practices include the state’s Reemployment Operating System (REOS), skills matching and referral technology (SMART), and social media tools. New York implemented the reemployment practices to better assist UI claimants as well as other jobseekers in both obtaining workforce system services and securing employment. With unemployment more than doubling in the state between January 2007 and January 2010, the state looked for opportunities to promote more self-directed services while at the same time delivering higher quality and more timely services. The state also was interested in engaging UI claimants from the point of the filing of initial claims, and creating the ability to select and schedule claimants for services as well as track and report on compliance. In addition, the state wanted to improve its skills assessment tools and automate the process of job matching. New York’s Department of Labor also developed numerous social media applications.

This download is a detailed report on New York’s reemployment practices including information on the target population, recruitment and intake process, key partners, use of technology, impacts, staffing, costs, opportunities for replication, and lessons learned is attached. New York continues to advance these practices under a NASWA/ITSC pilot project funded by the USDOL.

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