Coordinating Resources to Meet the Reemployment Challenge

Posted by Yung-Mei Haloski - On November 19, 2012 (EST)

The information presented in the NEG Promising Practices Series comes from a study focusing on an in-depth review of fifteen NEG projects that vary in type, size, and scope. Collectively, these projects represent an investment of $282,377,589 made by the Department of Labor (DOL) to support states in assisting dislocated workers obtain reemployment in the aftermath of large layoff or disaster-related events. The insights shared by these grantees resulted in a set of promising practices that build upon four broad themes: Infrastructure and Readiness; Planning and Start-Up; Program Design and Implementation; Institutional Results.

Coordinating Resources to Meet the Reemployment Challenge highlights how effectively managed NEGs coordinate resources to provide seamless support to workers throughout the reemployment process. The six grantees featured are:

Iowa: Whirlpool Dual Enrollment
North Carolina: Pillowtex
Oregon: Amalgamated Sugar Dual Enrollment
Massachusetts: Central MA Trade Dual Enrollment
Missouri: Ford/Lear Dual Enrollment
Wisconsin: Interpane/Morningstar

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