New Report Released on Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

Posted by Andrala Walker - On April 19, 2012 (EST)

New Report Released on Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Programs


In many communities around the country, the construction sector plays a large role in driving economic growth and in creating employment opportunities.  For low-income adults, these employment opportunities can offer a path to the middle class, but obtaining employment and advancing in a career in construction presents many challenges for low-income adults who often lack the knowledge, skills, and professional networks they need to succeed in the industry.  Construction pre-apprenticeship programs are often crucial to addressing these challenges. 


A new report releaed by Aspen Institute's Workforce Strategies Initiative, A Strong Foundation: Key Capacities of Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Programs, provides an overview of the construction industry's employment picture and discusses the value that construction pre-apprenticeship programs in Baltimore (MD), Hartford (CT), Milwaukee (WI) and Portland (OR) bring to workers, industry and other stakeholders in their labor market. 


The report also discusses the variety of employment and education outcomes these pre-apprenticeship initiatives target for the workers they serve and describes how these programs build industry networks and staff expertise to stay informed to the continuously changing dynamics of the sector.


The report will resonate with workforce development leaders who are trying to create or improve similar training efforts in construction and to policymakers who are interested in finding better ways to support pre-apprenticeship efforts.



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