Read It Here First: Quick Access to Info and Data

Posted by Frank Gallo - On December 14, 2015 (EST)

Read It Here First:  Quick Access to Info Research, and Data

Tired of being the last to know?  One simple trick to staying on top of announcements, information, research and data is to make the news come to you, rather than trying to find it later.  Many organizations have instant, daily, weekly, and sometimes monthly updates — use the latter options if you want to reduce your e-mail, and can wait a bit to receive news.  We've assembled the links to key employment, education, and social policy-related sites that you can use to sign up for these alerts, presented by organizational type.

To see it, click Read It Here First:  Quick Access to Info, Research & Data.

The inclusion of private-sector and .com Web sites is for informational purposes only. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) implies or confers no endorsement on a company or on a specific product or service. Readers and information users should exercise an appropriate level of care and should be aware that the private-sector products and/or services may be copyrighted and may require a fee for service or a cost to access or use information products. This resource is not intended to be an exhaustive list of private sector Web sites, and DOL reserves the right to modify the list on an ongoing basis.

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