Reemployment Eligibility Assessments

Posted by Bogdan Tereshchenko - On February 04, 2010 (EST)

This is a blog post by Diane Wood of the Office of Unemployment Insurance, Employment and Training Administration.

Would you like to learn about a new initiative that 34 states have implemented to monitor UI claimant eligibility and help UI claimants return to work?. Then, you will want to learn more about the Re-employment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) initiative that has brought large numbers of UI claimants into the One-Stop Career Center to learn about available services.  Please review our Webinar at

The Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) initiative began in 2005 when 21 states got grants to focus additional attention on claimants.  Many claimants filed their UI claim over the telephone or the Internet and might not have been aware of the many re-employment services that were available to them at their local One-Stop Career Center.  The REA grants provided funds for staff to serve those claimants when they reported to the office in-person.  During the REA staff members review claimants’ availability for work and their recent work search activities.  They then provide labor market information that is geared towards the work that each individual is seeking.  Finally they introduce them to the plethora of available re-employment services including both staff assisted services and self service opportunities.  The REA program is designed to get claimants back to work and to reduce erroneous payments.

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